San Rafael Codigo Postal

The format for San Rafael is of the type NNNNN where N indicates a number and A indicates an alphabet, for example 93624. This is the standard codigo postal format that is used across Mexico. The codigo postal areas in San Rafael in order of density (total number of codigo postal in that particular locality/area) are Vega De San Marcos, Manuel Avila Camacho, San Rafael Centro, San Rafael, 13 De Diciembre, Las Maravillas, Gustavo Del Valle, Deportiva, Nueva, La Jungla, El Pireo, Picamosco, Las Zapateras, Santa Elena and Mentidero.

This map shows only areas/localities that are displayed in the list below, also there can be some areas which dont have a latitude/longitude and hence not displayed.

State: Veracruz Llave
City/District: San Rafael
Format: NNNNN (e.g. 93624)

Areas/locality in San Rafael